Association - Prikulicsok

T Prikulics Children's Theatre is the children's after-school group of the Free Theatre from Székesfehérvár, which is also a collaboration between the Hang-Szín- Tér Art School and the „SZÍN- TÉR”- Tér /Színjátszó-Versmondó/ Association which provides basic arts education. They hold their regular rehearsals on Tuesdays at the headquarters of the association, in the House of Liberal Arts in Székesfehérvár ( Fürdő sor 3. ). The rehearsals before the performances and projects are usually held in the Igéző, located at Basa u 1.

The troupe is named after the ever-moving, amorphous creatures that originally lived in the Harghita region, the Priculics. PRIKULICS is now a wikipedia word. In Transylvania it was the name given to lively children. Exactley like those super active, theatre-loving children, who were under so much pressure that we had no choice but to organise a company of them and form a follow-up group. As Ádám Bodor writes in his little two-minute poem PRIKULICS, if the doorbell rings and there are prikulcs waiting at the door, you have to let them in, because : "If someone has a prikulics waiting to be admitted, it is an exceptional event, consider it an honour."


The Prikulics Company is in constant, lively contact with the larger Vasvári Theatre and the adult Free Theatre company. The more skilful ones get involved in an adult theatre production, an outdoor programme or a film project...

The children's theatre is made up of members from various primary and secondary schools. This diversity makes the professional work colourful and varied.

Children in the after-school group first of all gain confidence because they get to know each other better and the world around them in a slightly different way. We give different feedback than the traditional school environment. The children also get a sense of spiritual and emotional achievement in the rehearsals and sessions, because many of them realize that this is their environment and that they feel comfortable here. Concentration skills improve a lot, expression becomes more varied, children become more confident in communicating and building relationships, and perform better when they are used to public speaking, e.g. when they are asked to speak, they do not get nervous or panic, their problem-solving skills develop, and they learn to work in a community and in a team. In the summer, we organize thematic development sessions in the framework of a professional camp

We show children that it's only worth playing seriously - and that's very important feedback for them. If he sees that his parents take him seriously, appreciate what he is doing and even help him in any way they can, it encourages him to do even better. If parents make disparaging remarks about what he does, e.g. "he clowns around there every week", he will after a while become insecure and will see what he thought was serious as useless, and unfortunately, after that, as much more... This is why psychologists say that a child's play is always serious and cannot be trivialized. It takes a very strong motivation to perform as a child in a counter-interested environment. That's why it's good for them to join the adult group later on - the preschoolers now - because they will see that everyone takes their opinions seriously. It becomes natural for them to think, play or even argue with people much older than them....because that's how things get done. The culture of debate, the culture of play, the culture of behavior, psychology, aesthetics, the culture of theater, art history, and history are all good things to learn, while we are actually playing...

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