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Men on the brink of a nervous breakdown... It's about how strong men react to the challenges of everyday life... Panic is a black comedy, and like our production of Chaos, it is only recommended for people over 18!!!

And be warned: we DO NOT RECOMMEND on a first date!!!

Cast of characters
Max, graphic designer: Mihály Balogh
Leo, engineer: Máté Kovács
Joni, television presenter : Bence Szabó Miklós
They are between 35 and 40 years old.
Directed by: Judit Nagy

Péter Urbán is a contemporary writer, member of the Hungarian Writers' Association, litterateur. His writings have been published in a separate volume, in the Hungarian Journal and in the supplement of the daily newspaper Előretolt helyőrség. His 1956-themed chamber drama The Three Erdődi was one of the first to be read by Judit Nagy, director of the Free Theatre. This play is a well-proportioned paraphrase of the family theme of the 48/49 War of Independence (Jókai Mór: Kőszívű ember fiai), transposed to the events of 1956 in a dramatically clear form. The author presents the personal and intertwined story of three generations within a single family, and the tragedy of a whole nation.

The Three Erdődi is a performance that uses art to convey the national, family and personal tragedies of 1956. The fact that the characters in the performance come from three generations makes it all the more suitable for experiencing personal catharsis for different age groups. Thus, an older person, a middle-aged person or a student can "experience" the story as a personal drama. Both physically and through the mental closeness created by the acting, the work's message, which is suitable for further reflection, helps everyone to experience the national holiday in a spiritual way.

It is given a Company. " very big. An international, very big company, that's all. If anyone asks you about the Company, you say this! Do I make myself clear? A very big international company. Capeesh?
I understand

...And then I don't get it... because it turns out that it's not that big, and it's not international.... And then it turns out that "the job sucks, and the pay is so bad that it's not even enough for two beers....and then the "I get it" thing... at least don't talk to us like that, okay? Cause I'm gonna get really pissed off, okay?"

Cast of characters

Supervisor, forty-five well-off, not too smart man - Mihály Balogh

Ditzy, thirtysomething bohemian, cynical, down-and-out journalist - Szabó Miklós Bence

A frustrated man in his fifties - Miklós Szabó

Dispatcher, young singer, slipped to the periphery - Anna Paulik

Ageless woman - Kövesi Tünde

Supervisor, uptight forty-something, heavy-handed boss - Judit Nagy

Kovács Máté.

Directed by: Judit Nagy

The Mamas & The Papas' California Dreaming, and covers

The show is recommended for over 18s!

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