Szabad Színház - Free Theatre Living Chronicle

Living Chronicle

The Living Chronicle is an interactive guided tour of Székesfehérvár with elements of medieval street theatre for residents and out-of-towners.

This serene open-air programme, which takes place in the original sites of events (or indoors in case of rain), is an innovation of a cultural tradition, both in terms of its tools and its implementation. The Chronicle of the Living Chronicle presents the full range of Hungarian theatre history - flat puppets, hand puppets, movable figures, illustrative theatre, farcical genres... - in a form that is understandable and humorous for a generation raised on today's media.

Live Chronicles - a musical, interactive tour of the City of Kings

The Live-action Chronicle can be seen as an interactive guided tour, entertaining visitors in good weather at the original locations of the stories events tn the city centre.

The Visual Chronicle was a tool for documenting historical events in the Middle Ages. The Living Pictorial Chronicle is an innovation of this idea. The Free Theatre troupe brought the already drawn images to life, so that visitors can see the characters in the same place and time as the still identifiable locations in Székesfehérvár

The playful, interactive journey through time shows what has happened over the course of 1,000 years of history through different stages

In each case, the stories are based on the Hungarian legends of Székesfehérvár. Thus, by animating historical figures, the real places are brought to life. The live images presented at each site are accompanied by explanatory texts. The attraction is easy to photograph, because the background of the pictures shows the motifs and ornaments of the original Pictorial Chronicle, thus framing the game. The attraction also features theatrical devices from different eras and is designed to attract (enterprising) adventurous tourists.

The interactive guided tour takes place in 12 locations in the city centre, going backwards in chronology... The stories are based on the Hungarian/Fehérvár's legendary chain

Between each site, the tourists are entertained by the accompanying music of the Zombor Orchestra.

2. The experience, the results, the impact - visitor satisfaction

The Living Chronicle is an interpretive attraction, i.e. it tells its message through programmes. It uses both an informative and interpretative style, because it not only presents facts and figures, but also presents them in an interactive and audience-engaging way, through stories and legends.

The programme has also contributed greatly to the development of the identity of local citizens and the image of the town, as evidenced by the Guest Book.

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