Data management


The Szín-Tér Egyesület (hereinafter: Free Theatre) fulfills its legal obligation to provide information by publishing the following in order to ensure that our partners, staff and Spectators, as well as Visitors to our website, are aware of what data is processed by the Theatre or other service providers, and where and how they can exercise their rights as data subjects. The FreeTheatre attaches the utmost importance to respecting its customers' right to informational self-determination, treats all personal data confidentially and takes all security, technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the data.

The rules for data processing are laid down in the following basic legislation:

  • GDPR: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation),
  • Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter referred to as
  • Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the Civil Code Act)
  • Act CXXXIII of 2005 on the Rules of Personal and Property Protection and Private Investigation (hereinafter referred to as the "Act on the Protection of Persons and Property and Private Investigation"), Act C of 2000 on Accounting
  • The Theatre shall make every effort to ensure that personal data received by it or transferred to it is treated fairly, only to the extent and for the duration necessary for the purpose, and that it is protected to the maximum extent possible for as long as it holds the data.


Areas of data processing

  • Ticket and season ticket sales


  • Tickets and passes can be purchased in person or electronically. Electronic purchases can be made through the website in person at the Free Theatre's permanent venue. 
  • The Company only keeps a record of the type and number of tickets and season tickets purchased, no other data is kept.
  • The Company also contracts on a case-by-case basis for so-called "consignment" ticket sales, but only with companies, so it does not collect or process personal data from them.
  • Data Controller: Free Theatre - Szabad Színház   
  • Purpose of data processing: provision of services: sale of tickets and season tickets
  • The scope of processed data:
  • for registration: Name (any, even fancy or nickname), email address and password,
  • the data needed to purchase tickets, season tickets and discounts: your full (real) name, and your address (country, county, postcode, municipality, name of public area, house number). These data are also sufficient for the natural person's invoice request.
  • The legal basis for processing: the person's consent in accordance with the Infotv. Article 5 (1) (a) and Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR (contractual relationship)
  • Time limit for data storage: 8 years based on Act C of 2000 on Accounting
  • The method of data storage: electronically
  • It follows that, apart from the exceptional case mentioned above, the Theatre does not obtain any personal data in its online communications with spectators.
  • Invoicing: all ticket purchases are made against an invoice.
  • If the invoice is requested for a company, business or organization, in addition to the exact company name, you must also provide its registered office and tax number.
  • In case of both service providers:
  • The scope of the data processing: service activities supply, sale of tickets
  • The legal basis for processing: the person's consent in accordance with the Infotv. Section 5 (1) (a) and the fulfilment of a legal obligation
  • The time limit for processing: 8 years based on Act C of 2000 on Accounting
  • The method of data storage: electronically


Website hosting and sending newsletter

  • The Company maintains a website at, which can be accessed by anyone without revealing their identity, and where information can be freely obtained without restriction.
  • The theatre sends periodic newsletters about theatre events, news, anniversary performances, current shows and presentations. This newsletter is sent to those who have chosen to subscribe with their name (even if it is a fancy name) and e-mail address. The information provided at the time of subscription will be registered with the Theatre and the newsletter will be sent from there.
  • Data Controller: Free Theatre - Szabad Színház
  • Purpose of data processing: keeping customers informed of the latest information, customer management, broadening the target audience
  • The scope of processed data: in particular, the (even fictitious) name, e-mail address, in the case of a registered user, full name, e-mail address, user name, municipality, postcode, address, telephone number provided by the data subject
  • The legal basis for processing: direct acquisition of business, and the Infotv. 5 (1) (a) of Paragraph 5.

Time limit for data storage: until the purpose is achieved or until the data subject requests the cancellation, but no later than the termination of the Company

The method of data storage: electronically

The Free Theatre does NOT use electronic surveillance systems (cameras) at its permanent venue, Igéző - Székesfehérvár, Basa u. 1 


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The cookies used on this website are not in themselves capable of identifying the user.

Rules on the organization of events

  • The Theatre organizes various events in connection with certain events (e.g. premieres, banquets after anniversary performances, etc.), which are always open to the press and are photographed. All those invited are aware of this, as the very nature of the event is an indication of this publicity.
  • Occasionally, the Theatre organizes special performances for disabled or disadvantaged children/youth and pensioners, who have the opportunity to meet the actors, have their photos taken and talk to them, and possibly be interviewed. Photos and interviews taken here will be published on the Theatre's Facebook page or website.
  • Therefore, the Theatre, as the data controller, takes photographs at its events, in which visitors to the event may be recognizable. The photographs will be published on the Theatre's website and Facebook pages. These events are considered mass events within the meaning of § 2:48 of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.
  • If you do not want your likeness to be recognizable in the photographs, please inform the organizers when entering the event, in which case you will receive a distinctive sign that will help the Theatre to make your likeness unrecognizable in the photographs.
  • You may also object afterwards, in writing and electronically, to the Chief Data Protection Officer.


Az Purpose of data processing

  •  to strengthen the Company's image and brand through marketing activities, and in this context, to take and use photographs at events.Scope of data processed: in particular, the name, voice, image, photograph, location, time, leisure habits of the event participant, other data that can be linked to the data subject
  • The legal basis for processing:
  •  the Infotv. consent of the data subject pursuant to § 5 (1) a) and § 2: 48 (1) and (2) of the Civil Code
  • Time limit for data storage:
  • The method of data storage: electronically 
  • You may request information on the processing of your personal data and request the rectification or, except for mandatory processing, the erasure of your personal data by the means indicated when you provided us with your data or by contacting the controller at the contact details indicated:
  • The person in charge of data protection who can be contacted via e-mail:

Rules related to the sweepstakes:

  • The Theatre occasionally runs a prize draw for theatre tickets, season tickets or other prizes. This is run on the Theatre's Facebook page. The winner will be chosen by lot or by a small "committee" from the submitted good solutions or best solutions to the problems, and will be notified on the Facebook page or other contact details provided in advance.
  • Any person under the age of 16 may enter the game only with the consent of their legal guardian. This requires the legal guardian to fill in the application form, giving consent to the processing of their children's and their own data. The processing of data can only start with the consent of the legal representative.
  • The data processed for the purpose of the prize draw will be deleted by the Theatre from the database at the end of the prize draw, except for the winner's data and the data that the Theatre is obliged to keep for at least 8 years under the Accounting Act.
  • Purpose of data processing: organizing and running a prize draw
  • The scope of processed data: in particular name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, age, consent of legal representative in the case of applicants under 16 years of age, name, photograph, mother's name, address, tax identification number, telephone number, date, signature of the recipient and the transferee and, if authorized, the names, addresses and signatures of two witnesses
  • The legal basis for processing: the Infotv. § 5 (1) a) of the Act on Data Protection, and paragraphs (1) - (2) of § 169 of the Accounting Act
  • Time limit for data storage: until the draw, but no longer than until the end of the communication campaign for the game in question, and store the winner's data for 8 years (based on the Accounting Act).


Consumer complaints registry

  • The Company operates a box office at its headquarters and other locations.
  • If a customer there has a complaint, he or she is entitled to write it down in the " Consumer complaints registry", which can be found at each ticket office.
  • Telephone calls, conversations are not recorded. Complainants making a verbal complaint are always asked to write their complaint email adrs.

If a record of the complaint is made (Report), it must include:

    • the name of the customer
    • the address, registered office and, where applicable, postal address of the customer and the means of contact and details (telephone, e-mail address, etc.) provided by the customer,
    • where, when and how the complaint was lodged;
    • a detailed description of the customer's complaint,
    • a list of documents, records and other evidence produced by the client;
    • the signatures of the person who took the minutes and the client (the latter element is required in the case of a face-to-face oral complaint);
    • where and when the minutes were taken,
    • the signature of the client and the person taking the minutes.
  • II. Enforcement of data subjects' rights

    • As can be seen from the above, the Theatre only processes data voluntarily provided in very few cases.
    • Natural persons who can be directly or indirectly identified on the basis of personal data may request information on the processing of their personal data, as well as the rectification or - with the exception of mandatory data processing - the deletion of their personal data, at the contact details of the Theatre. The Theatre shall reply to the request received in writing in an intelligible form within 15 days of receipt at the latest, or 5 days if the right to object is exercised. Requests for information, correction or deletion of data shall be governed by the provisions of the GDPR and the Infotv.
    • If a person feels that the processing of his/her data by the Theatre is unlawful or in breach of data security requirements, and if the breach is proven, the Theatre may the damage caused to the data subject, as well as the compensation for damages in the event of a personal data breach caused by the data subject or by a data processor used by the data subject. However, the Theatre shall be exempted from liability for the damage caused and from the obligation to pay the damage fee if it proves that the damage or the infringement of the data subject's personality rights was caused by an unforeseeable cause outside the scope of the processing. Likewise, it shall not compensate the damage if it was caused by the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the injured party.


    • Right of rectification
    • The data subject may request the correction of inaccurate personal data concerning him/her processed by the Theatre and the completion of incomplete data.
    • The right to erasure 
    • The data subject shall have the right to have personal data concerning him or her erased by the Theatre without undue delay upon his or her request:
    • The right to restrict processing
    • At the request of the data subject, the Theatre may limit the processing of data
    • The right of withdrawal
    • The data subject has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time.


    • The head of the office is responsible for data management at the Theatre, so any requests or complaints to him or her should be addressed to. by e-mail or by post to the address 1 Basa u., 8000 Székesfehérvár, Hungary. In the event of fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of the request, a complaint regarding the data management procedures of the Theatre may be addressed to the NAIH:
    • Name
    • Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság - National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
    • Headquarter
    • 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.
    • Website

    Questions not covered in the Guide

    • For matters not specified in the Guide, the legislation indicated at the beginning of the Guide shall prevail.