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Vasvári Stage

The Vasvári Stage is a high school after-school group maintained by the Vasvári Pál High School and the "SZÍN-TÉR" /Theatrical-acting-voice-telling/ Association.

Their rehearsals are held weekly in Igéző (Székesfehérvár, Basa u. 1). The rehearsals include skill development and a rehearsal of the current theatre project. In addition to acting education, from 2018 the opportunity has also been opened up to student directors. We are happy to mentor students interested in theatre and film directing.

Members of the Vasvári Stage are also in regular professional contact with the Free Theatre's children's and adult companies. Many of the current members started in the children's group and are now regular members of the adult company. The most active and skilful members are involved in the Free Theatre's stone theatre and street theatre projects, films and productions at the Vörösmarty Theatre that also involve young actors.

Members of the Vasvári Színpad are regular and successful participants in the Student Days, street theatre productions for national holidays, the annual Floralia Spring Welcome Festival in Gorsium, the Coronation Festival in Székesfehérvár and the Atlantis Project of the Vörösmarty Theatre.

Involvement in the Group's work is recommended for anyone interested in theatre, film, media, communication or simply wanting to learn more about themselves. Former members of the Iron Stage include actors, teachers, singers, dancers and art students.

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