Storytelling Houses

Beneficiary name: "SZÍN-TÉR" /Színjátszó-Versmondó/ Association

Project title: Storytelling Houses - audiovisual spatial experiences, sounding street museum - or the development of local social and community innovation through art and community development

Contracted amount: HUF 20.000.000

Rate of support: 100 %

Presentation of the project content:

The programme is a true social innovation based on community - research development, which has its origins in our cultural and community innovations that cry out for further development in an era of smart cities, experiential cultural programmes, multi-generational collaborations. Its essence: the development of a "living street museum" audio-visual space experience, unique in the world, which allows people living in the city, newcomers and visitors to the city to experience the "breath" of the houses that house the historic stories. The resulting content can be accessed through an existing smartphone building recognition app, free of charge for anyone. The methodology used in all its elements and modules is an excellent programme for strengthening urban cohesion, community development and volunteering. In addition to the content created, the scientific outcome of the project is also worth highlighting, which is a so-called community research and development as a social innovation.

Project planned completion date: 31.03.2021.

Project ID number: TOP - 7.1.1-16-H-ESZA-2019-00453

25 March 2020 at 18.00